Share Your Thoughts about the Community Service Division by Taking This Short Survey

Editor's Note: The following is an e-mail that was recently posted to the Community Service Division listserv.

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, Darian sent out a link to a survey where you could share your thoughts and ideas about the Community Service Division. We only got a few responses, and would love to hear from anyone who has ever been involved with the division in any way, even if you just attended one call or meeting. The survey only takes about five minutes or less, and your feedback will be considered carefully and used to strengthen the division, so it definitely won’t be a waste of time.

Since we heard that there were some issues using google forms with Jaws in Internet Explorer, we’ve transferred it over to SurveyMonkey. (Don’t worry if you took the previous survey already; this one has the same questions, and we have your responses!)

Here is the link:

Thank you, and feel free to reply with any questions or concerns.


Kyra Sweeney and the Membership Committee