October 2014

Throwing a Party for the Homeless Kids!

Editor’s Note: For this month’s theme, we asked people to talk about service projects their chapter has done. The following comes from Jonathan Franks of Texas, who serves on the board of the NFB of Texas Austin Chapter.

Doing it All Wrong and Burning the House Down

Editor's Note: Conchita Hernández grew up in California. She came to the profession of teaching through the embrace of her personal experiences as an immigrant, a woman, and a blind individual. As a civil rights advocate, she has taught and mentored migrant, inner city students and Spanish speaking families. She holds a Masters degree from Louisiana Tech’s innovative Teacher of Blind Students Graduate program. She has worked in Nebraska as a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor with blind children and adults. She is now living in Washington DC, where she co-teaches in an inclusive pre-k classroom.